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And I'm off?

I am now a ‘blogger’. Yes, the proud owner of a online chronicle discourse that will at some time have ‘followers’. Does one want followers when they are a traveler? I would think so. Some travelers want to go where no one has gone before. They wish to be the first person to discover a new treasure. Merriam-Webster defines travel as the act of traveling, a journey especially to a distant or unfamiliar place, a tour or trip. So, according to Merriam-Webster the answer to the question is, yes, we do want people to ‘follow’ us. That means one has gone somewhere worthy of visiting.

Now to discuss the traveler who travels. That is I. I choose to travel to visit distant unfamiliar places. My family nickname is ‘tour guide’. I am the mom with armfuls of brochures from the travel stop. While you were busy in the bathroom, I broke a land speed record to the travel brochure rack collecting paraphernalia describing roadside exhibits and coupons for restaurants I hope to dine.

One does not need to go far to travel. Any trip to a place you have not been before is traveling. Who cares it is in your own city. Good for you, you don’t have to worry about overnight accommodations. When you run out of things to do around the corner, then go to the next street over. Oh my goodness, how many attractions are just a few miles from your home? How many of them have you visited? How many times have you said you need to visit them someday? Say it with me... "I – am going – to travel." And away we go.


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